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An authentic Panama or Straw hat is completely hand-made in Ecuador, from the Toquilla Palm. It is woven in a continuous spiral from the center of the hat out to the edge of the brim, then shaped to the desired style. Panama hats are now available in a wide range of colors and styles for both men and women.

Each Panama Hat is a unique work of art, because of the material used and the handmade process. No two hats are ever exactly the same.

A hat has to have 4 characteristics for it to be called a Panama Hat:

    • It has to be completely handmade.
    • It has to be made from Toquilla Palm.
    • The weaving is concentric.
    • The hat has to be made in Ecuador.

Panama Hats are great for Tropical weather because they have no nylon and since the Toquilla Palm is a natural fiber the hat breathes and maintains the head cool under the sun. 

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